Oral Histories

Teddy Bush

Ian and Noreen Honey

Ian Honey: Well I was a butcher's boy for Mr and Mrs Worden in the butcher's shop and on Saturday morning I would be paid two shillings for the route. On one occasion I went up Roscarrock Hill and Mrs Hoskin, they live up above what is now Doc Martin's cottage. On the way up the slope behind the cottage, there was a lot of screaming and shouting and swearing and missiles being flung. Down the path came Teddy Bush, the man of the house and his wife was right behind him with an axe. As she caught up with him, she buried the axe in his shoulder, right through his coat and his vest and everything. He ran on down the road all bleeding and this axe still stuck in his back. I turned tail, ran home down the butcher's shop and returned the meat. I didn't deliver it. He survived for many years but that was quite true.