Oral Histories

Barbara Thomas

Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave

YC: I had a little friend called Barbara Thomas and she was always laughing and full of fun and she used to love dogs. Her mother could never afford a dog as they had five or six children. So she used to ask Mrs Ochen Lobb 'Could I take Bingo out for a walk?' A little tiny dog. So she had this dog and she called for me up Rose Hill and we were going to take this dog out. We went up Trewetha Lane to take the dog out and we come across the Co-op, which was being built. I had the dog and the dog saw a cat, dragged me right through the lime pit.

Caroline: Weren't you burnt with it?

YC: No. I always wore long black stockings, patent shoes and a new kilt. I remember coming down Rose Hill crying and Barbara was laughing like mad thing.

Caroline: What was the lime pit used for?

YC: The lime for the building.