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Cigarettes and smoking on an oil tanker

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Janet: Well they used to complain if they gave up smoking they used to complain they never had the cough before so they’d have to have a fag to stop coughing and bung themselves up a bit more.

Interviewer – Barbara: I supposed in those day though they didn’t realise how dangerous it was.

Dennis: no tips you see Woodbines, Players no tips.

Janet: When Woodbines went up to 1 and 9 pence(1/9d) I thought I’m not having them anymore so I went to tipped Woods then and they were 1 and 3 pence/ 1 and 6 pence for 10.

Dennis: The first cigarettes I bought, duty free, was on an Oil Tanker in 1957

Janet: You were allowed to smoke on an Oil Tanker?

Dennis: Yes after the funnel.

Janet: Oh

Dennis: Because normally the boat is going that way because it creates draught and go back after the funnel, yep and the accommodation. We was coming through the Suez one day and they caught one of the Egyptian boatman on the tank deck bleddy smoking, Chief Officer rang down and chucked him right over the side, grabbed him by the back and right over the side.


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