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Dennis arrives in Port Isaac

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Dennis Knight: Firstly I was an evacuee from South West London to Sussex and because I was so young I had a qualified nanny, called Atnee, in the big houses but of course when the war came those sort of jobs were out the window, so she applied for war babies and got me. I lived with her and her sister, not Mrs Abbott, her other sister, Muriel who then died and then Mrs Abbott came to move and of course they needed bledy land so we went from Broad Oak to Blackboys and had 4 acres there and of course that wasn’t enough land and they wanted more so they came down and bought The Mill and that’s how I came to the Village when I was about nine. Mrs Abbott, Miss Waite, chickens. Donkeys, goats,you name it, she had it, like a zoo.

Janet: In doors and out.

Dennis: Ya of course, bledy chickens flying up on the kitchen tablet, scat the bledy thing down, you had to be quick mind otherwise he’d shit before you could scat un off.


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