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Dentist comes to school

Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave, 2013

JM: My name is Joan Murray. I was Joan Honey and Yvonne was talking about Miss Bath. ‘Cos then it was the Infants’ class and we had the dentist come this particular day and like Yvonne I wasn’t very old and we was put up in this high chair and we had this big stool thing up and we had to spit in with the blood and that and I took one look at that and I shouted and I screamed and I wasn’t going to have it done, then the nurse who was there said ‘If you can be a good girl I can give you a penny’. I was good after that, I can remember that as plain as day!

YC: A penny would buy you two ice creams from Altair Bunt.

JM: Or go down Gran Rowe’s.


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