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Doing the washing

Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave, 2013

YC: I know where there is a copper now, still in Port Isaac.

JM: Do you maid?

YC: Yes a copper with a wood top and light a fire underneath to boil the water.

Caroline: Did you all wash together, to help each other out?

YC: No, but then there was, at the bottom of Church Hill there was one garden between seven cottages and so one cottage had a Monday and the other cottages had the rest of the week. See? You each had a day. And if your day was pouring with rain, it was too bad.

JM: Then we used to go down the beach cos Mam, er Lil was out the back there, at the old shed with the copper. If we’d had bad weather, like the wood would be coming in and anything like that, we’d go down the beach and pick up any old wood. And any old tyres and that. We’d come home and shove them underneath for the copper.

YC: To boil the water.


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