everybody has a story to tell about their life


Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave, 2013

YC: This is out Shrimpton’s.

JM: Oh Mother Shrimpton

Barbara: Where was that?

YC: Out on The Terrace. It was her second home. First lot of people to come here and have a second home. The Shrimpton’s used to give my mother their cast-offs and my mother used to bring this home. In particular I remember a check coat and my mother used to say ‘You take it down to Mrs Cockney Honey and she was a dress maker…..there were several dress makers I the village, about 3 or 4….and Mrs Cockney Honey, As they called her. She would rip the coat up, turn it so it was inside out and re-cut it for a child. To me, they never got the necks right, I think I had a thin neck and the necks never seemed to fit.


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