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Dynamos and cooking on the farm

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Interviewer – Anne: Did you have one of those did you say? (looking towards Janet)

Janet: Dynamo, Yes.

Dennis: Every farmer had a Dynamo, Yep

Janet: There were a lot better for battery radios

Dennis: You see, if the Mrs switched the Cooker on the bleddy lights would go down, the biggest source of power is the Cooker isn’t it.

Janet: We had a range, not a black one, me Mother soon got rid of the black one and migrated to a lighter one on legs and then underneath, ‘cos there was a big gap under it, slate hearth, ‘cos it was an original big fireplace and we used to put barricades round and every year we used to buy 50 chicks and that was where they were reared, under there and they stayed there in their boxes at night, under there during the day, fed and watered until they got big enough to be able to fly out over the top then they were put out in the yard and in the house.


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