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Going to dance

Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave, 2013

Yvonne Cleave: As we got a little bit older we’d walk up to St Endellion to go to the dances and walk home again. A whole crowd of us, boys and girls.

Joan Murray: And St Kew. I’ve walked to St Kew. Me and two or three maidens, two or three boys together. No nonsense. There was no nonsense.

Yvonne Cleave: Walk out to St Kew, dance all night and walk back again.

Joan Murray: Dance all night and walk back home again up Gravelins Lane. Never thought nothing about it. Always used to get home safe and sound. The boys was good as gold and they boys would see us right home. Some come from Delabole, St Teath, Camelford. We had ours moments didn’t us Yvonne.

Yvonne Cleave: Yes…


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