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Gran Sherrat’s bakery

Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave, 2013

YC: Gran Sherrats was a lovely bakery.

JM: You could smell they splits and that coming down the road.

YC: And the pasties was lovely.

JM: And when they finished you could go over with your dish, your roast, to the bakehouse and they’d put it in the oven. Yes put it all in.

YC: When they took the bread out, they’d have the women… I remember Becka Baker going up with her roast, with her apron on and her slippers and going up with her roast to the bakery and they would bake it because their ovens were already hot from the bread you see. She would pay threepence for that.

JM: Yes pay about threepence.

YC: And have your roast roasted.


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