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Ian’s Father the Yachtmaster

Ian and Noreen Honey, 2013

Ian Honey: Yacht master….he was away from Easter to about October, nearly all the time, worldwide. One of the yachts he commanded was owned by the Duke of Westminster and the Duke of Sutherland. Two of the wealthiest people in the British Isles.

Interviewer: and what did your father do as a Yacht master? What was his job?

Ian Honey: He was the master of the yacht and he took them wherever they wanted to go. He used to get Port Isaac men as his crew and Frank Lobb was his engineer, Will Stone was a deck hand, Bill Steer was another seaman. Can’t think who…

Noreen Honey: Who was the cook? Uncle Veth

Ian Honey: That’s right, Uncle Veth was the cook. Jack Bate was a steward. Most of the time it was the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, Italy.

Interviewer: What a different life to being at home. Some of the richest people in the world.

Ian Honey: He was a big man, very strong. Over six feet he was. Big heavy….

Noreen Honey: Peaked cap, slightly hooked nose but fine looking man.

Ian Honey: ….very authoritative nature.

Noreen Honey: He was! (Laughs)

Interviewer: And so he would be away for about six months?

Ian Honey: He must have been. And in the winter time the boat would be laid up at Fowey or Falmouth for maintenance. They would get some of the crew down to varnish and prepare it for next season. He was fully employed.


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