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Jim Honey and Harry Hills

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Interviewer – Barbara: people were very practical weren’t they.

Janet: There were some clever men in the Village.

Dennis: Sammy Dyer he could do anything with a bleddy plane and a chisel, you know make knees for boats and old Jim Honey, can you remember old Jim Honey, he used to say buggo, he couldn’t say bugger, he’d say buggo. Harry Hills would never to into the pub to get fags, wouldn’t darken the door, he shout ‘boy. Boy, (cough he always had a cough) go in and get us 10 Weights will ‘ee. So I’d go in there, he always gave the right money, get the packet of fags for ‘un. Wouldn’t go in and get ’em his self. I was down there one day and he (Jim Honey) wanted a couple of ribs put in the Dawn and so anyway he said to Harry Hills,’ oh Mr Harry would you put a couple of ribs in the boat’ ‘yes Jim I’ll do that’ ‘Well when can you do that’ ‘oh next week Jim’ anyway next week come and Jim say about it to Harry and Harry said ‘oh I haven’t forgotten, I haven’t forgotten you’ this went on for 5 or 6 weeks ‘I’ll be there in the next week Mr Jim’ anyway the next week come’Oh I haven’t forgotten you Jim, I haven’t forgotten you’ and this went on for about 5 or 6 weeks. Jim said ‘Mr Harry ’bout my ribs’ Harry said ‘yes Jim I got ’em’ Jim said ‘you get ‘um planed down to a fine point and stick up you bleddy ass’. We was down on the beach one day, young boys there and he come in, Jim had been out since daylight, you know 5 o’clock in the morning, hardly any lobsters, only had a few mackerel and Pollock, on the beach and down come a Visitor ‘Oh Mr Fisherman, have you got any fish’ ‘Oh yes madam ‘ said Jim ‘I got some mackerel’ ‘oh no’ she said ‘they got bones’ well he said (Jim) ‘I got a nice pollock here madam’ ‘Oh no’ she said ‘they’ve got bones’ ‘Oh’ he said ‘Mrs what you want is a bleddy jelly fish and I haven’t got any of they’


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