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John and Dora Glover

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Janet: John Glover’s wife used to make nets didn’t she ?

Dennis: Umm

Janet: Did she make them or mend them?

Dennis: Umm

Janet: I used to see her down on the Town Platt doing one

Anne Philp: She made them

Janet: She did

Dennis: Dora, big lady, she used to pick crabs out. She’d be sat there in the doorway picking the crabs out smoking a fag- bleddy Health and Safety where?

Janet in laughter Hygiene, never heard of it, ash would be hanging off her fag.

Dennis: She’d say ‘come back in half an hour dear, I’ll have ’em ready for ‘e. John Glover made a lot of money doing that. John Glover see he had a punt to go fishing but he did a bigger boat, the Amanda, he’d go fishing in the summer and then he went the land, he went up and worked for Jan’s Uncle, Mark May. He’d walk all the way to Trewethert Farm, up where Graham is now and walk home again and in the summer when he’d harvesting he’d go and launch his boat and catch mackerel and haul a few pots. He’d have to leave 6.30 – 7.00 to walk all the way to Trewethert.

Janet: Good workers the Glovers were


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