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Live bands at the Rivoli

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Barbara – Interviewer: So what music did you dance to then?

Janet: It was live Bands.

Dennis: Ya live Bands, three, four piece live Bands. Hazel Hawken she played the squeeze box, how she managed I don’t know ‘cos she had a hell of a pair of tits but anyway she played the squeeze box, Mrs Brimacombe she played the drums and Mr Brimacombe played the piano.

Janet: Who played the violin?

Dennis: Oh I can’t remember.

Janet: Mrs Brim did some of the time didn’t she.

Dennis: Yes that’s right she did, she played the violin and the drums.

Janet: And then there was the Raddick Trio used to come here, I don’t know where they come from.

Dennis: No, but see one of these Bands come from St Breward, Mrs Singer she come from St Breward didn’t she.

Janet: I don’t know where she came from.

Dennis: Then we used to have Denzel Flew from up Tintagel if you were lucky, but there were a bit more expensive for four or five people.

Janet: Freddie Angove was in that. You remember, Freddie Angove used to be in Co-op, used to be the Manager.

Dennis: You know Shirley who used to work in the Fudge Shop, Shirley and Sylvia, well Shirley was Fred’s wife. Fred still plays the Trumpet.


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