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Middle-Lower Junior Class Centenary Celebrations

The Sproull Family

Middle-lower junior class centenary celebrations

Middle-Lower Junior Class Centenary Celebrations – February 1978

Back row, left to right: Steven Bunt, Scott Finnamore, Gary Wright, Andrew Kemp, Simon Goddard, John Collins, Nicola Donnithorne

Middle row, left to right: Tina Shay, Toni Gladwin, Melanie Fisher, Julia Townsend, Susan Richards, Joanne Baker, Tracey & Helen Addison, Fiona Denison-Barnett

Front row, left to right: Ella Philp, Aimee Warrillon, Wendy Smith, Sophie Barnett, Carol Nichols, Mrs J E Oaten (class teacher), Donna Irons, Paula Berman, Anthea Scothern, Nina Daly


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