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Military service

Jack Rowe, 2013

Interviewer: What did you do in the military service?

Jack Rowe: I think you were in The Signals? Both under Captain Camden (?) Only I went there a bit before you.

Interviewer: What part of The Signals were you doing?

Jack Rowe: Communications, radio and telephonic stuff. I went to Germany then for the rest of the time.

Interviewer: Whereabouts did you serve in Germany?

Jack Rowe: I was attached to the RAF, which was lovely. Not so restrictive as the army. I went around all the top places, Hamburg, Berlin and Budephelt and Hanover.

Interviewer: Why was it that you were seconded to the Airforce?

Jack Rowe: I don’t know, a bit of luck. I think I had help from the officers in Bodmin at the time because they were courting the post office girls. (Laughter) I think that was a bit of a help.


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