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Mrs Abbott and her donkey

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Interviewer – Barbara: How did the two ladies earn a living then?

Dennis: Mrs Abbott had a Riding School of sorts. Miss Waite well she didn’t really I suppose. She was coming on for pension age really but she was older than Mrs Abbott but she raised quite a lot over The Mill, a few horses and bits and pieces. Mrs Abbott did a bit of painting.

Janet: Then there was Cuckoo

Dennis: Oh ya what the donkey, Cuckoo. She would take the donkey in the Church, every damn Palm Sunday until the damn thing, guaranteed he’d crap everytime and old, I forget which Vicar it was Father Townend, it might have been, and in the end the donkey was banned. I don’t know why she didn’t run the damn thing around the field for an hour it would have got rid of that but you know there it was right up the aisle.


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