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Nina and Mobile Cinemas

Nina Oliver, 2014

Nina Oliver: The Olivers used to come round with a mobile cinema…you’ve heard that story?

Barbara – Interviewer: No, tell me about that.

Nina Oliver: Well, Uncle Albert when he came out of the army….we started just before the war. We did it first in the village hall but then it wasn’t easy to do it there. Charlie Lobb at the back of…you know where the two gift shops are…..that used to be where you had your charged accumulators to get your radios, they were on batteries. These had to be recharged, great big things they were, to get any radio in those days. And he used to do that and he’d repair cars at the back. Well then when we could get proper radios, that was no longer required. So that was left empty and Uncle Albert started up this cinema going round and he said ‘ Couldn’t I have your room you see?’

Well we had the room and instead of having pictures just once a week we had it twice a week. So Dorothy used to tear the tickets and I used to get involved with that. I don’t know that we had much money, probably a couple of bob and we had free cinemas. We were quite happy! Then Uncle Albert had his stint and he had a cousin of the family, which was a farmer and they weren’t called Lobb, and he ran the projector for a while. Then John, before he went in the Navy he came round and projected it.


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