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Nina and Summer Holidays

Nina Oliver, 2014

Barbara – Interviewer: What did you do in the summer holidays?

Nina Oliver: Lived on the beach. I had three bathing costumes, one in the was at home, one on that was dry and another that was partly dry where I would have to spread it out on the beach to dry and change into.

Barbara – Interviewer: What games did you all play together?

Nina Oliver: We were just saying…we didn’t have much. We had to use our own imagination. You know those props that go underneath the boats like wedges? The fishermen were ever so good to us kids. We’d have one that would go like that and then put the other one across and it was like a little table. So the we would have, some of us, a bit of old rag and we’d put that on it. Then those big shells, we’d collect those, and we’d get those glass bits from the beach. The white ones, they would be peppermints. Other darker ones would be toffee. And we’d have fruit drops with all the different coloured ones mixed up. We used to play and we would search for coins that were flat for money. But we spent hours, years we used to do that…play shops. It was hard work because you had to find it all! But you see, children, when they’ve got nothing, they do find something to do.


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