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Noreen’s Father and Pawlyn Brothers

Ian and Noreen Honey, 2013

Interviewer: What did your father do?

Noreen Honey: He was the manager for a big fish firm and the Head Office was Mevagissy. He used to take the fish from the boats in Port Isaac and Fridays, the men would go up…he would pay them. And little boy….Johnny used to come up as well for his wages. I remember that.

Interviewer: Was it Pawlyn Brothers?

Noreen Honey: Yes, Pawlyn Brothers Fish Merchants. The Head Office was Mevagissy and then Padstow and Port Isaac.

Interviewer: He was a lovely man, a very funny man was Tom

Noreen Honey: Oh yes very funny(pause)… and then they used to send the fish to hotels and so the lorry would come from Port Isaac to Port Isaac Road Station with the boxes of fish and shell fish.


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