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Our holidays

Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave, 2013

Barbara: Did you ever go away on holiday or always stay in the village?

YC: I used to go up my Aunts who lived in Paignton and holiday up there. And then my sister married a Wadebridge boy and he had a sister the same age as me and I used to go to Wadebridge for my holidays! Out at Sladesbridge. And she used to come out here.

JM: I used to go to Falmouth with Uncle Jo and Aunt Weezer cos I had Uncle Jack down there.

YC: It was always with relatives.

JM: It was an annual thing, once a year or something like that. I remember we went in, I wasn’t very old, we went in Woolworths there and I saw this handbag. This little bag, you know. Anyway, I had this bag, a brown one and she wrapped it and I said ‘Thank you very much. Uncle will pay for that and I walked out the shop!’

YC: He had no choice then!

JM: I can remember that exact, as though it was yesterday.


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