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Playing as kids

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Dennis: I enjoyed my time in Port Isaac we used to play chasers, tin can tommy, weasel on the beach, we never had a Gameboy, we never had a Calculator never mind a Gameboy, so we HAD to make our own entertainment. So we would put two sticks, one across the top someone would go and hit with a ball and knock it down we all ran away and then they would hit you with a ball. Then Tin Can Tommy, have an old tin put some stones in it, hide behind the boats and then try and see it and of course if you weren’t quick enough they would come and grab the tin off and throw it again and then start all over again. Chaser, we used to go all up over Lobber (pointing out of his window to Lobber) up round the back, Khandalla, we’d end up sometimes running, chasers, you know. Boats, in the boats in and around the boats everybody wanted to skull a punt, learn to skull, and if you were a fisherman’s son well, like Douglas Mills, he would keep his father’s boat and Terry would keep his father’s boat, so if somebody didn’t have a Son you’d say can I keep the punt, he say ‘you can but don’t go outside the Breakwater’ which was the very thing we all did. We had a lovely time, we could go wrecking, wreck wood, we used to go all the way over Pineawn (Pinehaven) especially if there had been a northerly wind and the wind would blew it right in there, we carry it. A plank of wood all the way up over there and down the other side, now got a job to walk up there, but we carry it and if it good with no cracks we would take it up to Alan Prout and he would probably give us fourpence a foot (old money), if it was a nice clean plank you know. Pocket money.


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