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Playing as kids

Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave, 2013

JM: We loved doing things like that, picking primroses over the valley. Going over the valley picking the mushrooms over Big Rose, go blackberrying…..they’re different as can be.

YC: Yes, we used to go over there with jam pots and go over and get tadpoles.

JM: Oh yes and we’d picking blackberries and have the ferns to put over them that they wouldn’t go red.

JM: Another thing we used to play down on the beach was pick up different kinds of shells. The brown ones we used to call prunes. We used to play shops. And then we had like white ones and all different shapes and sizes and we used to play shops. On the beach, unbelievable!

YC: We used to have two flat stones, fill it with sand and sell ‘ice creams’ (laughter).


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