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Sammy Dyer

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Dennis: Sammy Dyer used to have his boat engine on the kitchen table, up Hartland Road well he was up Appletree Court up Church Hill first. Yep Boat engine on the kitchen table, he’d strip it all down, wheezing and puffing ‘cos he had asthma and still smoking and he’d reassemble that old engine, 6 horse power Kelvin and someone would come up put ‘un in a wheelbarrow and take ‘un down beach and put ‘un aboard the boat.

Janet: He always had engines of some sort or another.

Dennis: Either a car engine or something was always in bits on the kitchen table, but he could do an engine up, totally self taught, carpentry he could turn his hand to anything you know, he was hell of a man if he had good health.

Janet: Smoked himself to death didn’t he.

Dennis: That’s right,yep he would say, ‘I gotta have another fag, I’ve started coughing’


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