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School Days

Peter Rowe, 2013

Peter: School was just up the road and in the Winter at playtime my Auntie used to come up with a cup of cocoa and I was lucky. I remember that and of course the old milk was put in a tin bath and put on the tortoise stove and heated up, you’ll get that from most of the people who went to school, they will tell you about that, it was a third of a pint and it was warmed up when it was very cold in the Winter.

Interviewer: Did you go to school after this school in Port Isaac.

Peter: Yes I was lucky enough to pass to go to Camelford Grammar School though I think Jack would have done better going to Grammar School that I was because he was more academic than I was, I wasted me time really and I know we got into year two got through year one and got into year two and there was five of us Richard Burnett oh I can’t remember their names but anyway, we five had to stay in year two for another year ‘cos we did so bad in year two.

Interviewer: How did you get to Camelford each day.

Peter: The Bus, Prout’s Bus yes and there was a bus from Delabole that took all the Delabole kids picked up some from various places.


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