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Sculling in the harbour

Ian and Noreen Honey, 2013

Noreen Honey: …boats and punts… I’d just go down and only go inside the breakwaters. I wasn’t allowed outside. Just skull… I could skull and row. I’d spend a lot of time there. Once there was a visitor stuck on the breakwater and he beckoned to me and I took him ashore and he gave me half a crown! I thought that was wonderful.

Interviewer: How old were you then Noreen?

Noreen Honey: Not very old, about nine or ten. Not very old.

We’d go right in around the cliffs and they’d say ‘Can we have a go Noreen?’ And I’d say ‘No you can’t do it’ and I wouldn’t let them. Wouldn’t let them do it. I must have been a terrible child! I thought ‘It’s my boat!’

Interviewer: Did your boat have a name?

Noreen Honey: Can’t remember now.

Noreen Honey: The boys used to keep the punts when the big boats came in from sea. The tide was just coming in around the rocks and I went down and ran over the rocks and I said ‘Come on I want the boat’. So he came over and I couldn’t wait to get the boat. The bow was coming in and I just leaned over like that. The boat went and I went flat in the water! So of course I had to go right home, I was soaking wet and that served me right for doing that! I didn’t do that again. The boy never said anything. He didn’t laugh or anything. He was a bit frightened I think.


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