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Shoes for special occasions

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Interviewer: What were you saying earlier about the shoes, the story about you shoes?

Dennis: Oh well you know when you wanted to go out in the Village, go to a dance, didn’t matter if it was pictures it was in the dark you could wear your wellington boots then but if you wanted to go to a dance or anywhere decent, pictures in Wadebridge, you had to ride your bike down (from The Mill to the Village) you had to put your shoes around your neck and tie the laces together, because plastic bags weren’t invented then, you might have an old frail or something like that, then you changed your shoes in the road or down at Edgar Bate’s half way down the hill, but that was alright you couldn’t do that if you were going to a dance, ‘cos Edgar go bed at 10 o’clock see. So then you were in your boots and your shoes were at the other end so you had to turn your boots upside down you know and hope to God no slugs got in ‘um or anything else, go dancing, go with your boots, otherwise you’d be covered in mud you know.


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