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State of the cottages

Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave, 2013

Caroline: Were the cottages damp Yvonne?

JM: Where we lived at the bottom of Dolphin Street, when you got winter time, you’d see the salt coming through the walls because they were all built with salt water gravel. They would take the water from the sea and the salt would come through. You could take your hand and go like that across.

YC: And where Joan lived, down the cottage, you must say if I’m right. Your cottage belonged to Captain May.

JM: Captain Alby May.

Caroline: which one was that one? Geranium?

YC: We used to live at Geranium Cottage with my mother.

JM: By the bottom of Middle Street as you’re coming up Dolphin Street, that first one there on the right.

YC: Well Joan’s stepfather come into a lot of paint and he painted out the house and when Captain Alby come for his rent he said ‘This is looking very smart, I shall have to put up the rent!’

JM: Yes that’s right.

YC: The stepfather had done all the painting and supplied the paint and he was going to put up the price of the rent.


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