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Sundays were special

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Dennis: youth fellowship in the afternoon out the Vicarage which is out on the front, you know youth fellowship.

Janet: Well there was nothing else to do on a Sunday, you either stayed home and did nothing, as I wasn’t allowed to knit, sew or do anything. Oh Sunday don’t do that.

Janet: And then one year, I can’t remember why, farmers started to go out into the fields with the tractor on a Sunday, well the whole farming community was in an uproar, some did some didn’t, if you went to chapel you didn’t that was a terrible thing to do but churchgoers didn’t seem to mind so much.

Dennis: well you know, probably Janet who lived up Trewetha, wouldn’t have seen this as much as I did but you go down on the Town Platt at 5.30 on a Sunday, especially lighter evenings and all the fisherman would come down there and the yachtmans, ones home from yachting and that and they all would come down on the Town Platt and they would walk backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards and turn around because that’s all you could do on a ship for exercise, because these yachts are small you had to keep walking and they would walk backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards and then they would say at about ten to six ‘oh well better make our way over’, some would go where you are (Dennis is pointing as Barbara the interviewer because she owns and resides in the Roscarrock Hill Chapel now turned into a Pottery) and some would go to the Wesleyans (which was known as The Chapel in the Valley) and then after Chapel they would come back again and walk up and down for 20 minutes or if they was like Nibbs (Brown) they would go pub you know, but that was it, backwards and forwards, and they would both walk one side or the other.

Janet: Uniform for Chapel on a Sunday was navy blue suits, wasn’t it

Dennis: That’s right navy blue suits.

Janet: All boys had navy blue suits.

Dennis: And a Guernsey ( seafaring jumper) and Nibs had a white Guernsey for Sunday.


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