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Tom Warne at 5

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Dennis: Tom Warne, farmer’s son see. Tom Warne was in the Infant’s School, first day and Miss Smythe was the teacher. All these poor kids got to be humoured see, they come into this huge great building, strange surroundings, they was used to running around the yard or their Mother in the Kitchen, anyway so Miss Smythe wanted to humour ’em so she drew a cow all over the blackboard. ‘Hands up what’s that’, so up went all hands, ‘Yes Mary’ please Miss ‘that’s a cow’, ‘very good, hands down’ down went all the hands, Tom Warne put his hand up again, course Tom was always very serious. ‘Yes Tom what is it’ ‘please Miss that cow haven’t got no udder and he haven’t got no tits that’s a bull calf’. Five years old and he knew the difference between male and female then.

(Lots of laughter)


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