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Vicars and choirs

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Janet: Were you here when Mr Sodey was ?

Dennis: Ya, he was the first Vicar I knew.

Interviewer – Barbara: What was he like ?

Dennis: Mr Sodey? Then there was Father Townend

Janet: Yes, well Mr Sodey was a breath of fresh air between Mr Thomas and Mr Townend. (laughter) They were both a bit more suited to a Monastery, I think.

Dennis: Poor old Father Townend he was very solemn.

Interviewer – Barbara: Was that with the Chapel or St Peter’s ?

Dennis: St Peter’s. Yes I was in the Choir up here (St Peter’s) I can’t sing a note.

Janet: We all were.

Dennis: Yes you were there, Vivenne Donnithorne, Noreen Keat, Barbara Keat, Janet Sweet, Roger Keat, Raymond Bate, Syd Pluckrose,

Janet: Michael Bate, Leonard Pluckrose, Ronald Cheshire, Michael and Freddie Vagus.

Dennis: You would see a dozen girls and boys, there would be a double row, girls would sit there, boys there.

Janet: David Short

Dennis: David Short, ya every Sunday


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