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Village Shops

Janet Chadband and Dennis Knight, 2013

Dennis: You go up Margaret Lane, you know opposite the Village Hall, well all the cottages down there, a chap from up country bought some there now, Dave Hurley, there used to be two little cottages there the doors where side by side. Emma Andrews lived in one and Frankie he lived in the other and we’d got down on the beach, as boys, and get a bit of rope and we’d tie the two doors handles but just leave enough slack then knock on both doors and then go down the road and watch, down there by Bird Cage. Course they would both come and open the doors and the doors would be going to and fro. Then they would have to go in and get a knife and cut the rope.

Janet: My father used to do that when he was boy, they also used to climb on the roof and put a turf on top the chimney.

Dennis: Also, you know Mrs Lobb, you know by the Bird Cage we used to run down there, get a run at it run right up the roof and put a tabb on the roof. Poor old Mr Frank Lobb, Vernon Lobb’s father and mother they’d be smoked out. Teresa Lobb. Also we used to put fireworks in letter boxes, a penny banger, we used to get they from Mrs Titterinton’s down the wool shop.

Barbara – Interviewer: Bill used to say he would go out with his pockets stuffed with bangers !!


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