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Wartime Liberty ship sinking

Peter Rowe, 2013

Peter: Ya of course one laughs about it but in reality it was an American Liberty Ship that was sunk outside with all the stuff coming to this country so obviously there was loads of American sailors and the stuff that was in the ship but loads killed obviously but out of it came one or two amusing things really in retrospect all sorts of things used to wash in, we boys were having a fantastic time, the one thing we looked for was what you call the iron rations which was a tin and inside there was a set of stuff, chocolates,cigarettes, sweets and all that sort of stuff. We used to hunt high and low all along the shores to find one of those but most of them sunk I suppose. At one time there was hundreds of condoms coming in (lots of laughter) and that amused us boys and Father clipped me on the ear saying throw that away you can’t go messing around with that (laughter) so that was pretty amusing especially to the old fishermen who were tickled pink with that sort of thing. Chocolate came in in vast amounts all ruined by the salt water and of course dogs ran more freely in those days and they just ran back home for their meals and of course there were dogs scavenging and eating chocolate and being ill all over the place sort of thing.


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