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Wartime mine in harbour

Peter Rowe, 2013

Peter: Ya then there was this mine that came in and Margaret Ann Glover, I think it was, who swam out and touched it because when you touch something you have claimed it, whether it had to go back to the Government or Authorities or whatever and you might get something for it. It was winter time, cold weather, and she swam out and she was a tough girl and claimed this mine and at spring time it came to the top of the beach just under where you come down from the alleyway to the pub and there it was for a few days and we boys were delighted we would climb on the top and push each other off but anyway the Authorities came to examine it and the Mine Disposal people came to have a look at it and discovered that there was enough there to blow up Port Isaac and I think they dismantled it there and then if I remember rightly, the dangerous parts and took that away and the rest then was taken away. I can’t remember too well seeing it being taken away but everything was made safe and sound.


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