everybody has a story to tell about their life

Yvonne’s first day at school

Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave, 2013

YC: I remember Aunt Sue was taking me. Went down the steps screaming my head off. I screamed all the way, screaming in the classroom and when I sat down I had to be taken home again.

Barbara: How old were you Yvonne?

YC: Four. So in the end they took me again in the afternoon and I had my lunch bag and I thought ‘That’s nice, my lunch bag’ and I was right as rain in the afternoon. Most of the children used to sit with a boy. They used to sit you with a boy because the boys never behaved. So they would sit them with a girl to try and make them behave themselves. Miss Bath was the teacher, she was lovely, dear lady.

JM: She had glasses and she would wear that brown dress.

YC: Yes brown dress and glasses. She was a dear little charming little teacher for the little children.


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