Oral Histories

Chapman's shop

Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave

YC: Chapman's shop were Joan worked, (before your time I expect it was), upstairs used to be a toy room at Christmas time. They'd dress it out in toys and there was this huge china doll and you had to guess how many peas there was in this big sweet jar to win this doll. And my, what was called Daddy Lark, he got a jar the same size as the one that was up the shop and filled it with peas and between them..the men and my uncles and Daddy Lark and they counted all these peas and I won the doll! And I remember going up with Daddy Lark to accept the doll and I couldn't carry it home it was so big. I remember catching hold his arm and this great doll box was under his arm and I was touching the box and we took the doll home.

JM: Wasn't it where they used to do all the sewing up over there? Winnie Lakeman and Flo Mager.

YC: That was Stevens and Mitchell.....that was a sewing room up there.

Caroline: Where was that?

YC: Up over the Chapmans' shop.

JM: When I was there we had top Chapmans and bottom Chapmans. Then the other top Chapmans was where the café is now, next to the garage (Trelawney Garage).