Oral Histories

Mrs Stenson-Stenson Air Raid Warden

Peter Rowe

Liz: How about your air raid warden?

Peter: Mrs Stenson-Stenson, yes the Vicar's wife, she lived up in the blue cottage up there (pointing out of his window to Church Hill) she was the air raid warden. Now she was very rotund and short lady and in years getting on. At school we would have an air raid practise, we had our gas mask and the teacher would ring the bell and shout 'air raid, air raid' and that would be the signal to put on our gas mask and sit in school until we were told what to do. Anyway she came rushing down Church Hill at the appointed time, ringing her bell 'air raid, air raid' when she got to The Platt she couldn't get any farther as she was out of breath (lots of laughter) and someone else would have to take over and carry on up the hill ringing the bell. That's the only exercise I can remember.