Oral Histories

Gershall Hooker

Joan Murray and Yvonne Cleave

YC: Gershall was called Mrs Hooker, although I didn't see Mr Hooker, did you?

JM: Never, no.

YC: No never saw Mr Hooker. Gershall was a step-sister to Mary Hoskin and Annie Hoskin (Mary Hoskin up Roscarrock Hill). Gershall used to live with Mary. Well things got in such trouble up there cos of all the fighting, Gershall used to sleep over the chapel. Gershall kept the chapel clean and she slept over the chapel half the time. Gershall would go around with all her worldly goods in a bag. A leather patch bag. You never saw her without this leather patch bag and that was her worldly goods. And she used to do her washing in this, don't know what you would call it, boiler ....over the chapel. Unknown to the youth Club, they used to have their tea and coffee in the same boiler! (Laughter)

JM: And she used to do fish and it would stink to high heaven.